Hello Bloggers,

Today’s assignment was a bit challenging to me, However I did write my Ballad on “My Neighbors” trying to use Assonance.

Here you go,

I stay in the end of the street
Where both of the roads meet
I see good and evil crossing my paths
See angels and demons, to be my so-called neighbors

My backyard is charred
With burning of the living
I see everyday people may
Give us the meaning of their life, just to survive

Among the angles and the mages
I feel it difficult to differentiate
Among the demons and the summoned
I feel both , the same

When I go out every morning
I see the silent beauty turned down
By the people around
Chattering and shouting

When I go out every night
I see the silence, so bright
The it looks like lively
Lively across my sky

I will have to walk 500 miles from here
To go and stay somewhere
I forgot to tell you that I’m a loaner
I have no people to be my neighbour

My backyard is full of people
Who are busy
Who are confused and Infused
in so-called life to live

In the shadows of my life
So When I travel
I see the Sun, the Moon
And the stars , be my light
And when I dream today in my sleep
They become my neighbors tonight

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