Identity Good morning
Screaming in my ears
Wake up, Wake up
Mr Lazy there

Who are you?
Don’t you have an Identity?
For, Remember
You are a lazy freak

Why don’t you do
The works I give?
Why don’t you
Wake up in the morning?

The waves are still like mystery
It hits me like a tragedy
For it goes under my skin
Words piercing

You don’t have any strength
But weaknesses
Dealing your life
With obsession and fetishes

Why don’t you go out
From the house
Maybe a long walk
Or go round and round?

So let me tell you
You don’t have an Identity
For Remember, you are
A lazy freak

“I doubt what you have
In your brain’s place
Is it hollow?”
They say

“One tight slap
Across you face
Can fix all of
Your senses”

“You are a dog
A lousy one”
“You cannot
Be my son”

Who are you?
Don’t you have an Identity?
Let me tell you
Who you are to us

You are a burden on our back
Like a heavy wood Stack
Remember, Always Remember
You are A Nightmare.

2 thoughts on “Identity

  1. Hi Sam, I stopped by to thank you for the follow and discovered that you’re a poet! So, I read some of your pieces and wanted to invite you personally to join my upcoming, once monthly linky party for poets. This month’s theme is about success…. that can also mean the elusiveness of it, if you wish. Details will post Friday so swing by check it out and hopefully join us… bring friends!

    ☀ Memee

    Liked by 1 person

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