I’m Death

Hello Bloggers,

This is my today’s assignment mix of “Flavor, Elegy, Enumeratio”  I actually picked up the other side of the river and tried to describe how it feels there.
I hope I won’t make you sad by this poem of mine.

Here’s a small fact
You are going to Die
But “don’t you worry” my child

If they kill you
Before I do
At least you would die alive

I guess I should introduce myself
“I’m death” my friend
I’m the end of the your last breadth

Many people die
Do you care to see?

I also have a heart
A cold-one though
“But it also bleeds”

A small piece of truth
If I may “say to you”
You don’t know me yet, but yes I know you

“I’m haunted by humans”
“Haunted by their words”
Why my existence is
Questioned by all?

Sometimes in the middle of the 20th century
I used to have a unique flavor
In whom I pick
And who can sit beside me

For I had so many choices
The great war,
The bombs,
All those noises

Humans if nothing else
“Have a good sense to die”
I don’t know but nowadays
To much death “even makes me cry”

When I travel down the streets
I feel so lonely
For I know the people whose near one’s
I killed are left “only”

People say “goodbye”
All the time
What would happen
if that was their “last-line”?

I feel sad sometimes
When I see wars
And when young ones becomes “blood-bathed martyrs”

I feel like it’s all futile
For a soldier to meet its un-honored
End of life

So tell me
So many faces, so many lives
Do they want me, or do they want me to Hide?

I won’t lie and I won’t hide
Its time to tell you the truth about “Who Am I”
“I’m death” my friend
I’m the “end of your time”
The “darkness in your sky”
The “lifeless futile goodbye”

I'm Death

Love you all



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