Scary Scary Lights

Scary Scary Nights

Scary Scary lights
Painted windows black and white
Look out to the colors bright
And hear the silent humming of my soul

Posing “I don’t know”
What is happening to me?
Am I catching the “cold breeze”
Are the trees are shedding their leaves

Now I understand,
What you always, tried to tell
And how you were betrayed, always
And why you not, tried to stay

But they were too harsh on you too,
Behind those beautiful eyes blue

They would not hear now
The silent humming of you now
Perhaps they will see
How the blood empties, from the veins, cut off, from me

Scary Scary lights
Blurring vision and graying sights,
Look out to the colors bright,
And try to hear the silent, humming of my soul

It’s been hours now,
There is no hope, to me
At the door the chariot, is waiting,
To once and set me free

Now I understand
The touch of metal, on my skin
And how the blood loss, can kill me
And can set me free

Scary Scary lights
Closing eyes, and hollowed sights
Look out to the colors bright,
And try to hear the humming of my soul

Now I think, I know
What you tried to tell, me
How you were painfully, suffering
And how you set me free

They will not, hear you now
Those silent murmurs,
Perhaps they will see you now
Lying down on the floor

Now you are, not you
Now you’re, just a stiff
Caught in between the winter chills

Are you there with me?
Oh my friend in my need
Are you humming in your soul?
For the silence and beauty
Complete you as a whole.

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