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I’m delighted to present to you my “Crown of Sonnets” on the topic of  “My Pleasure”. I hope you will all like it.

Cloud 9

Oh you fool
Not yet you know
What I like
And What I don’t

What makes me happy
What gives me pleasure
To be lively again
And enjoy abundantly I swear?

I would say
I like to create
For joy I find in things I make

I would say
I love to make
A new life form, from nothing but clay

One song
I would write
To give it tune
And to sing it with my whole life
One heart to give
To it
One soul to fill
With it

One mind used to
And One life
To breathe
Is all what
Gives pleasure to me

One Poem
I would write
To give it a new rhythm
To mix it with a few
new forms
One would say
For this I will wait all day long

One night
I skipped my sleep
And One day
My daily Meal
Just to add a few more leaves
To my lonely little trees

One thing
That keeps me busy
That gets me high
And brings out the best in me

One word
Is all you have said
I’m glad I have heard it
Now wait for me, as I bake our little cake with it

My mind is full of wonders
It has a mind of its own
For it can create things, just in one tenth of a second

One life is all I have got
One word is all where I start
I told a secret today, My very own one.



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