Cloud 12

I was hitting the low-notes
Of my life
Gave out all  hopes
To stay alive

Maybe I prayed a bit
And maybe I told God to stay with me
So he finally
Sent an Angel, just for me

He said to me “an Angel in your heart
Will keep you safe
And when you sleep, at night
She will heal you and help you change”

The Angel at the night came in my dreams
Told me “Just Whisper in me a wish
And I will fly to Heaven
To get it fulfilled”

I woke up in the middle, of the night
I thought it was too true, to be real
For there was an Angel, glowing white
Flying right in front of me

So I bowed my head
And I prayed
To my God
For he is real

“Angel of God, my guardian dear
To whom God’s love, commits me here
Ever this day, be at my side
To light and guard, to rule and guide
From the stain of sin, o keep me free
And at my death, my helper be”

I asked her are you from heaven?
Have you come here, to fight my demons?
She said to me

“I’m full of wonders
I’m the keeper of your secrets
I can open my vault
And let you come in”

I loved her not for the way
She danced with my, hidden angel
But for the way, that the sound of her name
Could silence, even my demons

Her touch, gave me the, wings to fly
To soar fearlessly, in the sky
To believe once again, in one true love
And to get back, hope in my life

She gave warmth, to the, Angel inside me
As it was carved in a cold, iced
In the end, she said to me
Now you an Angel, for I’ve, set you free

I always dreamed, of a becoming an Angel
To be loved and to love, all the people
My robes became, brighter than the sun
Like an aura coming out, just like the stars

Heaven sent an Angel today
Just to gain one back
I now have a heart-full
Of  love, for everyone

Now as my Angel’s work was done
And she was heading home
Back to where she came from
Right back to Heaven

She told me everything
She taught me how to love
Told me to say a blessing
For everyone whom I love

“I hate to say goodbye
For I have to, go now
Whenever you see a feather beside
Remember It’s mine,

For I am standing on the far side
Guarding you will all my might
For I am your Angel Inside”


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