Cloud 18

And he fell down
Laid still, still breathing
Oozing blood, flowing down, his slit wrists

Drop by drop, a little faster
Than a small pric,
After all his veins was giving out his life force to live

Maybe he’s murmuring
His last will
Or maybe his testimony of life

That he forgives
Everyone but himself,
For he has no justification to die

To the world he is just
A question, now
A lie and a desolate why

Why he did this?
He was happy
Wasn’t he?

“We gave him everything
Love, life
And a place to live” didn’t we

His heart is missing
It’s few last beats
Maybe the forth is becoming the fifth

His major breadths
Are now becoming more and more deep
Sounding more like a minor hiss

He thinks of the beautiful times
The beauty of his life
“His sweet life”

As his last times near
He tries not to lie to him
But to accept the fact that “all these things” he will miss

But it is too late now
The floor has been painted red
Enough for him to drown

He is gasping for breadth now
Maybe he is also trying to pray
To ask his God to “forgive him and grant him eternal rest”

He is hearing that, there are claps all arround
People are making that sound
For his act of bravery

In real, though, there is no one
To watch his cowardice,
Taking the better of him

He is trying to move,
He’s thirsty,
He demands “some water” as his dying wish

But alas, some water
Is just a dream
Far away to be real, in real life

He feels like choking,
His body is dry,
For all his blood, has flown, outside

His body is fighting it’s last fight
Not to belive the inevitable lie
That he will die

His breath become more slower
His heart beats lowered
And at last, the last of his breath is heard

Maybe he passes now
To the transcendental,
Maybe he has has gone, even far away

To the stars maybe
Leaving “the body”

Maybe the life was too much
For him to bear,
Maybe it was, his time to say goodbye
Innocently, so, that it was inevitable for the silent act of commiting suicide.


19 thoughts on “Suicide

  1. “To the world he is just
    A question, now
    A lie and a desolate why”
    “To the stars maybe
    Leaving β€œthe body”
    are powerfully written and they bit deep. Those lines leave indelible marks upon the reader when the poem is done. They are hard to forget. They touch something deep in the core of all of us.

    Liked by 1 person

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