Cloud 19 (4)

The day was a gloomy day
For it took, the last breath
The last cry, the last pain
Of my brother

Some 20 years ago
It all, happened
Feels like it was
Just yesterday

He suffered from the heart ache
Which was a birth-defect
And suddenly it all become
Unbearable to him

For 3 months he was
Blue when he used to scream
And tired of the crying
For nothing we can do

He died on the day
When the doc
Would operate
On him

It was long, long time ago
He was the,  elder of all
He was the beautiful one
He was my brother

He was still a child
A milk feeding still alive
Piece of happiness
But I was jealous of him

We were twins before
Born and raised like a star
We were brothers

I survived the life, ago
From the death-blow
That life has bestowed upon us

People said I killed him
When he was in her womb
Because I’ve been kicking

But how I can be the Cain
When I’m not sure who’s Abel
For I don’t know what’s going on

He was my brother
And I don’t care for music
For this song is never be sung
In the mouths of people

He was my brother
I don’t know what to say
For I’m utterly silent
For the words I speak have lost their meaning

He was my brother
We were the twins
He was my brother
Let him live in peace

Wherever you are bro,
Just think of this life oh
Think yourself blessed
For “being called” ago

Wherever you are bro,
You have got your, salvation
For the cross of this life
You had to bear, too small

So small, so small

Oh my brother,
Just say a little prayer
Sometimes, just remember me
And sometimes do love me

Sometimes just “say a blessing”
Sometimes just say a hi to what I’m doing
Sometimes do remember
You have here a small brother, who lives on Earth


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