The Last Note

Cloud 19 (2)

Playing the piano
Has never been so much easy
It’s the end, I’ve reached the farthest corner
Now it’s the last note that is only left to play

The last note never sounded so much better
It feels like beat of the heart
For that is what it represent
The “mine life-blood”

It’s just me and, me is what it is
Left in me
For everything I owned, I’ve given you
My my sacrifice, my love, and my sanity
The only thing I’m left, is my life, take it, if only you need

Playing it for the last time
The song’s last line
Have never felt so much sweet
For it’s the end of me

I’ve now reached the farthest corner
Of my life
The last note, is only what is left of mine
I’ve hit the bottom, the scratched buried sanctum
Where they keep their dead
Where the heroes slayed by life,
Are laid to eternal rest

I’m ready to play
The last line, at the day’s end
For it was, truly a journey an experience
And thus the line read
“because you gave your life for me”
“because you gave your life for me”


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