Cloud 22

Its been an over than a year, now
That my speech is reduced, how
I don’t know, what to do
What to do
What to do

I’m speechless somehow
For I know my voice is a curse
That when I open my, mouth
People get hurt

I hope my voice cedes to exist
For then my negativity
Will never find its way
To come out of me

“You are a wild-beast
You don’t keep your promise
You are no human being
But an insane little thing”

“If you do not say
The words
That I told you to say
No mother shall ever dream of bearing, a new-born baby”

“You need to learn the things
That you don’t even know
You are good for nothing
Made up of soft, cold, ice-flakes and snow”

We’ll cut you with our words
With bring your cries and tears
We’ll cut you out your “you-ness”
In the midst of the fear

I’m speechless somehow
For I know my voice is a curse
That when I open my mouth
People get hurt

“We have loved you enough
Given our soul
We have given you everything
So that you can be composed ”

“Why don’t you know understand
That we are in pain
Trust us, when we say
You’ll be cared, by no other person”

“The world is big
Yet you are so-small
We are tensed how you sleep
That you sleep, like a doll”

“Shed you negativity
For promise us that
Can’t a mother get a word
From her son, like that”

I’m speechless somehow
For I know my voice is a curse
That when I open my mouth
People get hurt

What should I do
I always try my best
What should I do
But to silently cry instead

I have tried to be the one
That you have, expected
Yes I’m dis-obedient
But only at some occasions

I’ve seen your tears
But have you seen mine?
Maybe my eyes have run dry
But these words, truly cry

I know I’m burden to you
But what can I do
I’m a human only,
Not a piece of shoe, to be worn by you

Sometimes its enough
To what you can hold
See I’m speechless now
For my heart is cold

When I’ll be gone
Read those stars
They will tell you everything
About me and my times-dark

Maybe one day
After I’ve gone
You will open this blog
And read this poem

I hope you will understand
The pain that I felt
Every moment of my life
And even on my death

All those moments
will be lost in time
Like tears in rain
Like light in sun shine

God “Where do I go
When my house isn’t my home
I’ve burned myself to ashes
To keep others warm”

Please take me with you
Have a sit beside you
Maybe I’ll see the world
From above, for a better looking view

I’m speechless somehow
Please answer me now
Will I die today
Will I die right now

I’m speechless somehow
My poem has end
The words that stopped my tears
Have flown instead

I’m speechless somehow
I might die today
But I’ve been through worse
How much worse can be “the pain of death”

I’m speechless now
I’m speechless how
There is a beauty in silence
That I love avow


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