God Above

Cloud 30 (1)

I was disillusioned
I wanted to die
Like a man, made of clay
Without life

Writing songs
Was my passion
“Living my life”
Still an illusion

Thank you Lord
For showing your way
For now I know
There is a way

To reach my God Above

I am gifted with
The gift of words
For they are not mine now
But your’s to command

With joy in my heart
And deep content
I proudly say the world
There is a God Above

Believe me Lord, I’m hopeless
I don’t understand
where I’m going
For I’m full of sin

Full of dirt & mud
Your robes are full of light
I’m not worthy
To bear your light

But you have called me
At this hour of night
So I will go for you
And your name I will write

With the voice of mine
And with Your Might

For I know there is a God Above
Yes there is a God Above
To light the darkness
And to guide my way

I was in darkness and was in pain
You just blew it up once again
You showed me the way
You took away my name

And made me your Apostle

For I not sure
Heaven & hell’s existence
For I don’t know
The works of priest and the deacons

But I know now for sure
That there is a God Above
Just for me, to love
With all his love
For there is a God Above

Truly I say to you, there is a God Above


Any word of your's on mine?

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