Word Magician

Hello Bloggers, this is my first assignment to writing 101, on why I write.

Hope you love it.

Cloud 38

I am a word magician
My words get written
I make magic through it
And they ignite the life in me

The snow glows white tonight
When the night sun is on the rise
The mountains cry to me
My beauty is at its peak, who will write?

Like a eyelash of my eyes
And like the rain falling from skies
The ink in my pen never dies out, it keeps flows in
Like the blood flowing throughout me

It’s an unquenchable thirst
That I have to write
For That is my life
My strength and my might

After-all it’s good to play God
Through you words
When you can build things from clay
When you don’t want them just to lay

In ancient Hebrew people are taught
That every living thing and every leaf
Every bird is alive because it has a secret word for life
That word is life my friend, so I write

I write to taste life twice
In the moment and in retrospect
Every story I create creates me
I write to create myself

People choose alcohol to get high
I choose just to write
For I have more than one life
The one where I live and the one where I write

I’m not a poet
For that sane name does not suit me
They write poems with rhythms on the line
I create magic my friend I create life

The day when that blood dries out
The day when I have last heard my mind’s sound
And that day when the ink in my pen cease to exist
You will know the word magician no more to live

I am a word magician
My words get written
My magic is my beauty
That it can breathe life instead



12 thoughts on “Word Magician

  1. Oh wow Sam! We both used poetry with Day 1 assignment but yours is definitely so much better! 😀

    “I write to taste life twice
    In the moment and in retrospect
    Every story I create creates me
    I write to create myself.”

    Those words are just… so awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

      • It is an amazing experience. I’ve done assignments and challenges in the past, but this time it’s different. My blog is so focused and it’s been almost 7 years since I lost my mom, so I don’t post as much. And I miss it!!!! These classes keep my personal writing going and I’ve met so many great writers. *hugs*


      • I’m sorry about your mom Kathy! Well Keep on writing, for we are who we are, we create people through our words in our loneliness so that we get courage, we get the strength to live life. Take care. And keep on writing mate!

        Liked by 1 person

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