In the heavenly forges of my mind

Cloud 52

Oh I’m a magician of words
For I create stars
In moments of darkness
All night long

Sometimes I march across the stars
To get my theme form
The topic I will write
That has touched my soul

Will you belive
If I tell you
That I can see
What will come right, through me?

I can write, anywhere, anytime
All I need is a pen
Or my notepad is sufficient
In all environment

I can write anywhere,anytime
All I need is just be me
For in pain or in happiness
My mind creates me

I create images
I then put myself in
To create the story
For today’s topic

Sometimes I feel the need to write
With a pen in a paper
For the ink becomes beautiful
to display the dried letters

Sometimes I need the keyboard
Just to type it in
It happens so, when my mind
And the my laptop finds it way to sync

So I don’t need a place to write
So I don’t need anything to hide
For my work is already stolen by my mind

And I live there to see
What it does with it
And I live free, all the time

The Space to write
Is my paradise
Which my words have created

The Space to write
Is my sky
Where my stars stay

I don’t have a space
In my life to write
For my words are crafted
In the heavenly forges of my mind

Now I’m giving you this opportunity

to share your ideas with me

on what you want me to write on,

All by simply filling up the form

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