Cloud 55 (1)

I’ve reached battlefield finally
It’s so different than I imagined
People getting ready for the muse
It’s so calm and peaceful

They say, some thirty minutes left
From the start of the battle
People are arming themselves
With the promise of knowledge

I see boys and girls
In beautiful attire
I see books and copies
On their desk with roll numbers

It’s the exam room that I’ve come
To give the best of what I have
Some of them have smiling faces
Others are buried in their books

I know I’m still in stress
But I don’t know where to look
So I’m writing a song
To calm myself

It’s a song from the scene
I was worried there would be blood
And dead people
In their seats

I’m not worried now
For I know one thing
If there is anything on my plate
That I have to eat

So baby I’m live
From the battlefield
So baby I’m alive

So baby I’m alive
In the battlefield
Let’s see what happens to me

4 thoughts on “Battlefield

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    • Thanks you so much @joana there’s a lot going in my mind right now, I just don’t know how to appreciate you. My family is breaking up, they are fighting up again. But thank you again, my friend, I do hope this brings some peace in me, I’m living in scarcity of it.


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