War’s Futile

Cloud 55 (5)

Travelling down the road
To the front line
I was wondering how it feels
The war, and the silence, that it brings

I tried to inspire the men
Saying victory will be ours
They know it’s a futile cry
But said hoorah

The battle field when we reached
Was already washed by the blood
Of thousands of others
Who have died across

They say there is no line
So called as “frontline”
For we are surrounded by enemies
Like clouds scattered in the sky

We will fight with all out might
That’s what we promise
But a bullet’s taste in our flesh
Can make us bleed

How many of more of those
Metal, should our body tastes
Until we have no blood
In us to shed

War’s futile
War’s a waste
For there’s no glory
In death

War’s futile
War’s an end
For how can someone win
If everyone are defeated

War’s futile
War’s a death
Where we all lie in silence
For it has taken our few last breaths


7 thoughts on “War’s Futile

  1. I play keyboards and saxaphones, war is a wicked place the fight is over when we the children of the wars lay down in the streets and alleys and fields and no longer allow our predecessors to “war” we will march as to war for Peace. not one drop of blood will spill or a life lost. raise our hands up to heaven surrender it all to God!

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  2. Your poem reflects the views of many, it’s a shame it’s not the feelings of all. Great piece. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I really like the artwork you use to illustrate your work, nice to see something different. 🙂

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