Being Depressed

Cloud 55 (3)

I feel defeated
Just like my old days
I thought I left behind
Being depressed

I was a bird in the sky
Before all these happened
I used to soar through the winds
Across the mountains

And then suddenly
One day I was trapped by my own kind
Who was hunting
For the master of her life

I was chained put in a cage
And was kept beside a window
Almost I can reach outside
And touch the air that blows

Everyday I see the air
Calling me, in its whisper
“Asking me where are you my friend?
I miss good old times when you used to play with me instead”

I see through to sky
And often I wonder
Will I ever be free
From this bondage of misery?

I’m tired of talking to myself
I know it’s been a game
But what to do
When you know everything about yourself?

I often see the light
And start to wonder
Just like sun’s rays
I used soar like thunder

No storm, no calamity
Ever brought me down
I am still in shock that one of my kind
Was helping one of those cruel humans
I pass my days
Counting them again
Hoping that this would be my last
On this cage

I feel hopeless
Like I never had
I thought I left behind those days of
Being depressed

Maybe depression is not a phase
It’s a way of life
Maybe I just have to embrace it
Like I used embrace the sky


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