I was half of her and him

My Broken Family

My Broken Family

And turn up the music in your mind
For they are again fighting beside
Allied nations, friendly states
Forgetting that they were friends themselves

Arrows of hatred are flying the sky
The stars are blurred for they flow day and night
Someone is crying outside
Someone is broken inside

But there is no one to see
No one to understand me
I was a part of them
I was half of her and him

All I see now is darkness
All I see in eyes is rage
I gaze my eyes to the sky
Hoping the stars would someday light

To penetrate the arrows flying
To go through them and break my ice
To show me that peace is all we want
For war is futile

Who will understand whom?
Who will protect us from, being doomed
Who will be the mighty hero
To sacrifice his life

The war is coming to an end
Now the question, who will reign?
For every one I knew are dead
And this place has turned into a living apocalypse

My mind is the only place
Where I’m searching for an ounce of peace
Only if there is left anything
On me

I’m writing from my heart
I’m writing from my mind
This is an SoS message
Before I die

I’m in this sinking ship
I think its has been hit
There’s a hole on its skin
And the waters are not stopping

Allied nations please stop
Fighting all at once
For your hate rays have burnt me
And I can’t take them any more

But there is no one to hear
Maybe I’m just taking to the stars
When I will be gone, someday they will feel
That I was half of her and half of him

I was a part of them
I was half of her and him
They were my creator
And they have lost me

Any word of your's on mine?

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