Lieber, mama und papa

Hello Bloggers, for today’s writing, I selected a strange topic, maybe it touched me so hard that I had to write it up.A soldier is any army doesn’t know what he fights for, except that he fights to save his people, and what motivates them is the battle cry that their officers say.I am not racist, I’m not a fanatic. So, I don’t want any hate comments here, please you must understand, that all art no matter how big or small has a beauty in it, one to has have an eye to see it.

But I wrote today, a letter to a mourning mother and father, as their dead son who served  in the 12th army of the Deutschen Reich as a decorated officer and died with valor.

PS. I do not speak German,(But I would love to one day), so all the texts here in German are translated using Google Translating service, so any one of you who knows German feels that I’m mistaken in any part, please help me to correct it.

Cloud 57

Lieber, mama und papa
If you are reading this
That means I havent
Made it back

That means I’m now a number
A tag hugging my feet
Saying that I’m Killed in action
Actually dead, indeed

I just wanted to say to you
That it feels here so cold
The excitement of war
Is so, getting old

Any moment now
The enemies of Wehrmacht
Can hit us
with everything they have

There are bullets and shells everywhere
It’s hard for me to make friends here
For one day I make some
The other day I lose them

As a soldier of the wehrmacht
I’ve been selected to serve the heilige Deutschland
The 12th army of the Deutschen Reich
The last hope of Berlin

The fighting is getting on our nerves
As the enemies advance
We lack in supplies
Yet we fight with our might

They made me a Major
And gave me a company
They gave me this Cross of Iron
For my acts of bravery

All can I say is, Heil, mein Führer
That everything we are doing
For the holy sacred Germany
Is to save our people from misery

We are last line
Of Defence
For without us
The Wehrmacht is dead

All hope is not lost
Still the 12th army is a thousand men strong
Under our dear General Wenck
Wir Dienen Deutschland

Me and my company
Will protect our land gallantly
Until all the blood have been shed
From the last man standing

Wenn ich sterbe
in der Schlacht von Berlin
Let our friends know
That I died for victory

We will win, we will win
We chant it all the time
For we are the best
The elite of Germany

Be proud, mother and father
For I died with all my valour
Be proud for the holy Deutschen Reich
To save it, we all must die

Stay strong, for we don’t know the outcome
If the 12th army is lost
The city of Berlin
And Deutschland is gone

Pray, for us mom and dad,
Dass Gott mit uns ist
Your son, writing with love
Dass dieser Kampf können wir gewinnen




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