Come take your Journey ahead!

Hello Readers

This poem is one of my best poems of all times, I do boast my success here, but if I do not tell you the Journey about writing this poem, then I would be hiding most of truth’s. Today, I was coming back from my examination center, to my home. It’s a 1.5 hours bus journey.I was on my depression days as usual, and was thinking of “being free” from this world, thinking if the bus gets run over or if it meets with  some accident then it would be great, to put an end to my useless life, However I do believe that it was God who was with me that time, reminding me of my strengths and what I can do with them. It was like I was in trance while writing it.I was having a strong feeling, it was emotion which I never felt before.I think it was one of my encounter with God.

Now I’m going to tell you why I consider this as one of my best, I do hope you know this fact that every artist is never contempt with his or her own work, but for the first time in my life after writing it I felt satisfied . Now go on, take your Journey ahead.

Cloud 61

And the roads are busy,
Another evening in Kolkata City,
Lies ahead a long journey,
Sitting in window in a bus, I’m travelling

Don’t ask me where,
For that I can’t say,
As one journey starts,
When one ends

The road is long,
So is my life,
Let’s see who ends first,
Journey or my time

The wind is playing hide and seek
With my skin
They think
I’m happy, playing

Yes, the wind is cold,
It is so adorable,
But can anyone play with me?
I’m so doleful

We stopped in a red light,
A couple of holding hands,
Came in my sight,
At the crossing

“Their love is strong
I can feel”
Whispered the wind
To me

“I want to be your friend”
Said the wind
“Don’t worry, I’ll call upon the rain,
To wash away all your pain”

“Why do you care?”
I asked her,
“When the world has forgotten me
How can I ever fulfil your needs?”

Maybe this is first time,
In all history of mankind,
An element is trying to become,
A friend, of a human

Should I say yes to her?
Or should I say no?
Is this my imagination?
Or she is the wind, I’m taking to?

“I know what you are feeling,
Confused right? about how I became a living being?
See Sam, I can read the thoughts in your mind”

“For I helped you
When there was none
To create it
Just Imagine life without breathing”

“Okay” I said,
“So will you leave me?
Like the others?
Will you get busy?”

I asked her, without a pause,
She said, “Life is a Journey,
You are just writing it,
And I didn’t travel miles apart, just to leave”

“I know all your hobbies Sam,
I know what you capable off
It’s a shame that the world doesn’t know
But believe me Sam, when I say I do”

“Your poems Sam,
I’ve read them all
I know their pain
For I’ve felt them in your call”

She paused
And went somewhere,
I don’t know,
Where she went

Back in my life,
I’m still at the bus,
It’s crowded now,
Watching the traffic as it slowly flows,

Suddenly a cold breeze,
Touched my eyes,
A drop or two came out,
Silver coloured water, felt like ice

“I’m back, sorry Sam
I had to check, if you were real,
Or If I was just talking,
Only to myself”

What? I said,
“Those tears, that came out
It was for me
For I know, you have forgotten the very taste of it”

“You know Sam,
You don’t need anyone, anymore,
You don’t have to be perfect,
For you are very beautiful when you’re sore”

Thanks, I said,
So another breeze came in,
Touched my cheeks,
“These are for you Sam”

“My love, Sam
Take all of it
For you are very special
To me”

Getting kissed by a girl,
Is not something new, but to me,
Getting kissed by an element,
Felt too cosy

Am I worthy?
A message popped in my head,
Can I ever repay,
What she just gave?

“Sam, you think too much,
I was lonely just like you
Years ago, I started my quest
For a friend like you”

“Today my search has ended;
Today I’ve reached the end of my journey,

Would you hold my hand forever,
And make it complete?”

I felt like I’m heaven,
No, that was not my destination,
But Lord, what you just have given me,
Was worth the Journey

I felt her hands, over mine
I touched her hands
And accepted her in my life
And together, then, we got purified

In my real life,
I’m still at that bus
Which has reached the end of its Journey

Offering me a new way to Think
Sharing a new Hope and giving me Wind
Awarding me a new beginning
And a Reason for me to Live


The Journey


34 thoughts on “Come take your Journey ahead!

  1. Hi Sam – it’s interesting that you separated the ideas of your life and your journey into two separate entities. Also, I really enjoyed the personality you gave the wind.

    I’m glad you’re proud of this piece – it has quite a bit of depth. Try coming back to it in a month or two and see if you end up self-revising, just to see where you take it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. This poem brought tears to my eyes. This journey called life is full of people who can’t see a purpose in trying to get through today to tomorrow. You put that in words so wonderfully.
    God Bless!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you friend 🙂 This was maybe the act of Holy Spirit, to help ne out to write my frustrations of my depression out of me that time, I would take time to thank God for helping me out to write a song,rather than doing something negative 🙂 I’m honored 🙂


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