The Best Gift of Love

Cloud 61 (3)

Dear examiner
Today I will write
Do you want to see
Heaven, from my eye?

Let me know if you do
For I’m beautiful
Not in my appearances
But in my sentences

Have you seen the sky
Tell me what do you see
You will tell me
It’s surely white and blue and golden as its seen

I will tell you that
There’s is not
So simple muse
For I’ve built a castle just for me and you

Want to come abode and see tonight?
The stars are my light
The clouds here you see there
Is where I sleep at night

The rays of the Sun
Make me contact directly heaven
And tell my God
Oh My, this is the best of all

Now you know
What my eyes can can do
I can destroy world’s
And can create it back from blue

My imagination
Is a gift
From right above
I love this gift of mine as the best gift of love


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