Memories from #Writing201

Few days ago I was part of #Writing201. I had a wonderful experience there, an extract from there I want to share with you all.

Cloud 63 (1)

As we are going to part in sometime
I’ve written a poem for you all.
I know this may not be much
But at this moment this is what I have in all

“Here we go at the days
End when we have to part
Good bye could be our last sentence
But I will remember that

Soon and soon
I will try to come near your mind
For giving me hope
Wrapped warm cloth to shelter my life

Blogging was never an option to me
But Writing poem was
Song would always get high
And touch my heart

I would say
A thank you
To Ben ( @benhuberman ) and Chrissie ( @chrissiepollock )
And a heart-felt
Thank you to this glorious university

One more line I want to add
Before we go
Each and every one of you all
Has touched my soul ”


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