Cloud 67

Today I’m out of words, friends
Cause I’m still in shock
I know that they will pay
For their sins, with their own blood

I was a rose
Without a single thorns
But they’ve drained all my petals
And have me strong enough to drown them

I will never leave
Letting you know
How the colours
Of your blood feels

I swear on it
That I’ll make from it
A new

I will be made of adamantum
I will be strong
I will heal myself
Like wolverine, does in X Man

I’ll built a wall
High enough
To shelter
From your curse

I will make a system
That they bounce back
And fall
On your soil

Don’t worry you will be safe
Until you try to down
Me with you
Into the void

My voice is enough
For me to write
My voice is my only strength
That is left inside

I will sing
This song
Like my
Own anthem

Forever in my lips
My strength will come out
And in my pen
You will find this anthem, written loud


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