I’m earth

Vive La France

The sky's of mine have blackened out 
 As the Sun cannot pass the thick cloud 
 That rains hell over me 
 That takes the living
 The fog is very heavy 
 I think the war was crazy
 For to some, it was a game 
 For the dead, I welcome them
 Come my friends,
 You will be safe now 
 I've opened myself up
Come take your final rest
Tears have fallen
 Like silver lining 
 Lit by a pale moonlight 
 For the Sun is gone off for shame
 I will speak with air, 
 water and the fire 
 I will tell them 
 They do not deserve
 How many more have to die
 Before they can proclaim peace?
 How many more have to be martyrs 
And forever have to be with me?
It doesn't matters 
 Those who kills 
 For, to them it's just a 
 Gun and a click
 For the lives lost 
 Even I cry 
 Even I shed my tears 
 For what kind of brute are you
 "You are not human
 It is said, you are made from earth
 Made from my own body 
But believe me I've not given birth to them"
It's a shame of me 
 "Oh mother earth
 What have you done" 
 People scream
 You think I deserve this?
 Oh you mighty terrorist 
 I know, my words will never soften your soul
 But today in my heart you have made a hole
 Where are you 
 Oh my stars 
 Shine, shine 
Your nightshowers
In this day of night 
 We need your bright 
 Not to light the world 
 But to light the minds
 The grey clouds have stalled 
 In the sky above 
 Like the shadow it casts 
 On me, all day long
 The blood like water flows 
 Has painted my body red 
 "What have I done 
To deserve this?"
 I'm earth
 Speaking live 
 From the bottom of my heart 
 Grieved by your loss
 Humans, I'm with you 
 Finish what they started 
 Not with another war 
 But with love
 For you are all my children
 From earth you are born
 And earth is your destination
 How can mother like me 
 See the loss of so many child 
 Who are innocent
 I'm earth
 Speaking live 
 From the bottom of my heart 
 Grieved by your loss
 Defeated by your hatred 
 Defeated by your hate to love 
 Saddened that I cannot do anything 
 Other than give you're the final rest

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