Me, in between two guardians, Rohit & Rahul My Two Best Friends;

It’s the leadership
That a leader should hope
It’s only the people
Heart that were his aim should

It’s not the hatred
That should he have in heart
But he should have
Heart full of love

It’s not the tricks
Or any game he should play
For he knows
His worth and the people’s too say

It’s not division
That a leader should want
But to be united
With his people as One

I’m not a leader
That I’m trying so hard to be
I have some love
But also hatred in me

If someone follows me
It will be in to him
But I’m trying hard
To take the leap

I want to be a leader someday
A leader of people
And of people’s

Will you choose me in your hearts
Oh please do tell
For I’ve a good heart
And a very good soul


Any word of your's on mine?

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