Hour of my life

Cloud 70

So this is how it feels
When you are so determined
To die, yet you can’t
For you are already dead inside

Oh that was quite intense
So fianlly I did my researches
I have what I need now
For its now only a matter of time

I know the face now
The theif that robbed her
Life breath was snatched
In a moments fight in between him and her

Its not the drug
Or any ratkill of anykind
For it was something else
Something very special now to mine

That can make someone fly
Off to the stars, off to clouds
Where they can go
And stay till days infinite

I now know what I have to do
I have to make everything ready
For the show can’t wait
It’s few ultimate moments

It’s quite an hour of my life
What I experienced
I loved the fact
That I was simply mused

If you want to follow
Her path and of mine
I would give one advice
My Friend, take some time

Don’t die in regret
That you could have lived
Die with a smile in your heart
And a grim in your lips

Die like a hero
Sing the anthem of joy
For you are returning
To your father’s land, ahoy

Don’t let your death
Be controlled by anyone
For after all
You are life is going to end and its your decision

Know what you are doing
Tell them in writing
That it was your will
For if you don’t do that they will think that you are stupid

Don’t loose focus
Don’t look back
The memory that
Made your thoughts into action, don’t let them crack

I’ll meet you in the other end
For this journey is not over
My time has come
To go home and roll over

Never tell your thoughts to anyone
For they will think you are mad
They will blame you
For having this nobel little plan

You are not a cowrad
Always remember that
For you have choose to do something
Which they never can

You are not killing
You are not comiting any crime
You are in all your sences
Just trying to say goodbye

Now when does wishing farwell
Became a crime
You tell me mate
And I wrong or right?

I have the knowledge
I need to perform my act
I have to Stage it, to let the world know
That I am the bravest,of whom they had

It was this hour of my life
Which I sacrified for me and you
I know brother, your suffering
And that you want it too

Maybe our life
Was just not enough for them
Lets hope that our death
Brings some new meaning to it

Proclaim the words like me
That no body wishes to die
But what to do
If the world always makes your cry?

My days are limited now
For I have them calculated
I may have failed in mathematics
But this time I have rechecked

I thank this hour of mine
For giving me its insight
I think the big game
Will start tonight

In the glorious hours of my life


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