I am one of those sentinels
The last knight standing
I’m not alone, for I know

I will protect
The free world
From getting overruled

By the activitsts of all sorts
Who try to disrupt the peace of all
Even if I have to fall

I don’t care who you are
I don’t care what you’re gender is
All I simply care about, is world peace

In all of my childhood
I was in
Mercy of the sinful

They are too hard core
And I’ll tell you
It wasn’t empowerment

I was broken and taken back
In pieces
I can’t count

My clothes were taken away
I was put
Into darkness

Oh how can I
Forgot those
Memories of my panting breaths?

I’ve opened my heart
For everyone
Whoever needs my help

But if you try to contol me
And break me, in your empowerment
I won’t tolerate

For I am sentinel
The last one standing
I will fight till I die

For I’m sentinel
The last knight only
The final man on this battlefield

For I am a sentinel
The final knight standing
I will kill you in pieces before the apocalypse begins


Any word of your's on mine?

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