Hello Bloggers, for the Day 12 assignment we are supposed to critique a piece of work. So here is my presentation on Wolverine, yes you read that right, the character from the Marvel World. Hope you like it.


The Wolverine

In the world of fiction
If there a true marvel
That crafted its place
Way back in my head

It would be the wolverine
Commonly named as logan
Or you may call him weapon X
No doubt, he doesn’t break

He has adamantium under his skin
Making his predators impossible to kill
For he knows what he is doing
He’s a master of marshal arts with claws within

In my opinion the
Best, what makes him?
Is his extensive power
Of regenerrative Healing

He’s more man
Than any other mutant I’ve ever seen
After all in my opinion
He’s marvel’s greatest creation

But he also teaches us a lesson
Though his most unique power of healing
That never back down
Always face what is in front

You have the claws
The means to kill your enemy
And belive that you are invincible
So no one can make you deafeat

If my imagination permits
To go into the mutant world
And be one of them
And to choose any one power to be mine

I would proudly become
A brother to the Wolverine
For in real world he leads my imagination
As a single light of inspiration to all my creations

P.S. I do not own any one of these images, they are simply downloaded from google.com , these belong to their respective owners.

href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/it-builds-character/”>It Builds Character

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