Melancholy Hues

Hello readers, for Day 15 @Writing101 we are given a lot of options I chose this one and crafted the following poem, hope you like it. Thank you.

“Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake.”

Cloud 76

Melancholy Hues

Nothing hurts him more
Than realizing
That to her, he would have been everything
But when the tables turned
When he grew up
She turned her back on him

If only she knew
The his tears are nothing
But made up of
Silence and feelings
Is it bad for him
To think that one day she would wake up and not miss him?

He thought that their love
Was meant to be pure
To be like a dream come true
But when he woke up from that dream of his
He found out the harsh truth of reality
That it was nothing but a nightmare in the darkest corner of the street

He still tries to love her
But she doesn’t seems to care
Maybe because she has a lot in her mind
Going on right there
It seems so strange
That he doesn’t know what just happened

People around him
Says “stop your nonsense
Go out to the world
Stop staring at the walls
And be free
Be with all”

He asks them if they only understood
What was in his world
And how from there the real one looked
And tell him, if it wasn’t beautiful
For it was created by him
Painted by his own melancholy hues

He can never be happy
He can never smile
For there is this concept
That got embedded on his mind
That the world he lives in
Is quite hostile

He looks the world
Like a broken shallow home
Like broken are the buildings and those roads
For his depression has cast a spell on his soul
Making him think that its a disappointment
To live anymore

He lives somewhere between
Feeling nothing and feeling the pain
For all of sudden
There can be a thought in his head
That will make him sad
Or a memory perhaps

They say “just get over with it
I know you can do it”
But how can he let them in
How can he show them
That in his dreams
There are nothing but his melancholy hues and its gloomy stains

Sometimes he would just vanish
In his thoughts
Leaving behind the reality
That is, once lost
He goes to the limbo
For some reason he tried to find something, that he doesn’t know

Maybe he was born to be sad
Maybe the ice is melting from being snow-clad
Maybe it was all part of the dream, that got blurred
For his memories are stirred
He now feels that the pain will stay forever
Like it won’t end ever

He has a world of his own
Far away from this hostility
Though it is dimly lit
But it offers some secrecy
For it was created by him, from the darkest corners of his “being blue”
When he tried to paint the melancholy hues

“Your comments and likes makes me smile
Your follow and shares makes me write If you are kind enough, to enlight
I can in your love shine bright”


Any word of your's on mine?

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