Hey there! Good Morning


Its six in the morning
Yet no sunlight
All is sleeping
With eyes closed tight

The word magician is awake
In a sudden wave of airy kiss
Waking to create something new
To decorate his doleful hues

He is sweating like nothing
There is no reason to be
But I think its the anxiety
That has snatched his only sleep

Eyes are closed in the house
And only he is aroused
For the fragrance is sweet
Of the poet’s poetry

Lights are seen in distant place
Like they are in a constant glaze
And the lights are glowing bright in haze
For it would be sun up in a moment

And the word magician is in the hue
Of darkness and of light blue
Illuminated by the light
The screen that is glowing

He intends to create a masterpiece
Depicting what his mind is
Trying to paint the sky and the seas
As it looks to him

His hand are now ready to type
All the words have to come alive
From the darkest of his mind
To the world of the lime light

The curtain of his windows are
Blowing in the strange wind
I think they are trying to say
“Hey there! Good Morning”

The morning hues are illuminating
Because the sun is rising
I know that the colors are beautiful
In the morning muse

I see the hills up to the top
Like a shadow has taken atop
The small little hills I see
At this time of the morning

A new dawn has dawned again
Full of sunlight and of rain
Who know what awaits
For that’s the only secret

I think I might have to go
It was so nice to talk with you
Just seven in the morning says
“Hey there! Good Morning”


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