I’m a failed experiment


I’m a failed experiment
For I’ve failed myself
Not up to the limit
Not up to anything

I’ve hit the bottom
Now it hurts me more
For when I fall on my scars
They fall wide open

I’m a failed experiment
For I know that someday
Would come like this
When my existence would become non existent

I have to say a thing or two
Oh mom and dad to you
That you tried your best
Yet in the end I’ve failed

To the world I know
It’s been nothing a change
For everything was an illusion
Now I know what it all meant

The past has passed
I say to myself
Choose with care
Whom to call your friend

So I’m a failed experiment
I seem to understand everything
But I choose
To trust again

Now my life is also tired
Of giving me another chance
Now even it wants me dead
As my last good present

Night’s have passed
It’s morning now
Yet the shadows over me
Cast a wonder somehow

Make me feel
That I’m failed experiment
In a sad ugly face

Trapped in the middle of nowhere
Deafeated and left over by myself
Dragged into the wolves lair
To make my story end

I’m a experiment
I know it’s not exciting
Nor it’s something
To boast about

But I wanted to say

I’m a failed experiment
For I’ve failed my only self

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