Thank you Mother Mary

Today, is a very lucky day for me,
For today I found something very deep
Though I’m struggling with my sickness Yet I can see miracles

I do not know who the bearer was
Or who was the instrument that God chose
But I thank you
For bringing this gift of love to me

For about more than a year now
I was suffering from an illness
Which Only I can understand
Only I can feel

For it’s nature was completely
Mine made in the palace of my mind
To my assistance was nothing
But a living Psalm that I wrote

Maybe it was God’s will
And the work of human hands
That helped me to write
For it was a call of help from the Divine

Today I found a rare Gem
A secret patron Saint
A prayer to St Dymphna
In all my battles now will aid

With my heartiest love
I want the share the Joy
With you oh my friends
For anxiety, stress and mental illness she is the Patron Saint

A small little prayer said everyday
Can help you revive
A small submission to God’s will
Will make you alive

So without taking much of time
I present this prayer to you
Keep it in person at all times
For who knows when it’s needed in your life



Before I go
I want to give you the Psalm
That helped me a lot
It’s a Psalm to the Holy One

Praise be to God!

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