Until I win

Cloud 84 (1)


I don’t care anymore
For that gift if feeling I’m giving away
It’s a messy world
“I’m busy” I’m told

I have two realities
One where I was born
And one who’s creator is me
Best part, I can live in them simultaneously

You say I’m mad
Curse me with your sad
Sad word
So I’ve decided that I’ll shut myself up

Get away in my own world
Where heaven is mine
And so is hell
Where I won’t sin even if you tell

I’m tired, tired of fighting
On these front
They have shed my blood
Until there is none

I’m now tired of the time I’m given
Yes I’m lazy, I’m worthless
I’m a piece of shit
But you know what
One day I will win

Not because of your tales
Or your words on my head
But because that God, my God is watching
He knows me, he knows my sins

Yet he choose to die for me
Than to throw me away at the mercy of sin
I know this is me ranting
I know it’s disappointing

But what to do my friend
This is my world
I created it with words
Maybe it was God’s will

To give a taste of what
Winning looks like
I know I’ve lost on everything
Yet I’m different

Yet I’m gifted with nothing
But God in myself.

I may be a lazy old fool
But trust me one day
I’ll rise up
Becoming quite useful

Let’s count tick tock tick
For I know that is my date
Until I win


Any word of your's on mine?

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