DFWCon Partners With WRiTE CLUB Again in 2016!

And I participated, hope you will too!

DFW Writers Conference

For years, our good friend DL Hammons has been running the WRiTE CLUB contest, a wonderful way to showcase writing talent from across the country. Last year, we partnered with him and gave away a full membership to DFWCon as a prize for first place. There were so many amazing submissions and such a great turnout that we couldn’t resist doing it again!

In case you’re unfamiliar with WRiTE CLUB, here’s a quick description from the official site:

Here’s how it works. Over the course of seven weeks we will be holding daily bouts (M-F) right here on this blog – pitting Anonymous 500 word writing samples against each other. The samples are submitted under a pen name by anyone who wishes to take part. The winners of these bouts will advance into elimination rounds, and then play-offs, which will ultimately lead to a face-off between two finalists to…

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