A shadow of the past

A Shadow of the past

A shadow of the past

I opened my eyes 
For the very first time 
To let the world know 
That yes I'm alive
Born with defects 
Maybe all my mistakes 
That I killed my brother 
On the womb of my mother
I was a child of Eden 
Sent from God, to keep his promise to Abraham 
Yet I turned out just to be flesh 
Putting so many lives at stake
I mean why? 
Why I took so much pain
To put innocent lives in vein?
Why me? Why not some other person?
Yes true I live in my own world 
My very own creation
Where there is no rules 
Where nature doesn't follow direction
It just floats as it is 
Like raindrops falling 
As a beautiful stock
Fresh from the flock
Its hard to say
If Im perfect or not 
Because maybe I'm more than that 
In my world
Imagine a sunrise 
Where the sun is blue 
Imagine a world where change
Is you
We speak so little 
Than we fight
Well I doubt is this 
They call family life?
I’m sitting in the dark 
Writing this 
I started thinking
This as a companion piece
Closer to The Edge
Closer to the stars 
Memories of mine 
Formed in countless hours
And the triads joined again 
To condemn, to condemn!
To seek and to believe 
That I'm the paradox of men
To know that, makes my heart 
Break, in pieces I cannot count
It kills the very nature 
And makes me bound
Oh all my souls 
The war is lost 
My existence, my friend 
Is in the verge of, collapse
Oh all the people 
of all the nations 
Know that I'm alive 
But I'm broken
Your words flatter me 
Oh beautiful!
My throat has been slit 
By all your rules
All those fireflies 
They made my skin their home 
To make me burn 
Alive, before going to my tomb
I try to forget 
The days of the past 
But the pains of my mind 
Tends to grasp
The pains of the flesh 
Has long gone 
But the wars we fought 
Killed me all along
Its all darkness now 
The shady darkness
My world is gone 
Replaced with bitter sadness
Maybe its just a dream
Or maybe I've to get up
But one thing for certain 
That I'm the arch enemy of this star
I'm selfish, worthless 
I'm Lazy instead
But if you cut my flesh
The same blood will come out from me
I was not always like this
Not all the time 
That I carried 
Hatred in my heart
I mean how do you expect 
So much negativity 
To get in me 
At last?
Maybe the pains 
Those little unforgotten events
Made me who I am
Maybe I'm just a shadow of me, a shadow of the past

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