Just to get a smile across

Just to get a smile across


All those moments will be lost in time
Like tears in rain
Looks like all those drops 
Will compose the big black ocean

Was this my only stain?
That I can never be among the perfect of men? 
The cold never bothered me before
Yet why now I feel it?

To infinity and beyond
Is this so difficult to breathe?
As time goes by 
I mean Life, never does it stop 

My pain, is constant and so is sharp 
And I do not hope for a better world
This is how depression hits, you know
Slowly silently, you wake up in the morning afraid that another day you have to live 

The past was just a story which you believed
Maybe its time to move on, to get relieved
I mean I made a new friend today, real or imaginary? 
I won't tell you this, you imagine

Of worlds I am their King 
Only if someone bothered to listen to me 
My own self when it says
Go rot, rot in jail

Self-confined,beautiful, lonely place, they call hell
Strange but people worry that, they might die 
I ask my myself, how
How I'm still alive?

You once told fingerprints don't fade from the lives 
We have touched
If I told you they all left me 
Would that be sarcastic?

They say love is the closest thing we have to magic 
Yet in my case I've seen my life engulfed by tragics
I’m shutting my eyes tight, so everything goes black
It was the beauty that has kept me intact 

I'm not handsome, as a matter of fact 
My beauty lies in my mind, the imagination of that
You know all my poems, my songs and me 
Can make you feel that I'm lost indeed 

However I must say to whoever you be 
I'm not afraid you see,
I've just lost hope 
Hope to be me 

Now all I have to do is take the leap
Of faith to find who I am
And Who I was 
Just to get a smile across 


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