We were soldiers

Cloud 85

We Were Soldiers

It just doesn’t seem to matter
How hard I try or don’t
Why does this procrastination
Doesn’t want to leave me alone?

Days past, months flow
Years say goodbye
And poor me, still believing
That we are soldiers inside

Yes you heard that right
We were soldiers
100,000 billion strong
Ready to die at one command

We were soldiers
Before all these happened
With a real mission
To beat the unbeaten

Commander where are you my?
Have you forgotten thy precious might?
Your hero, your glory?
Your pride of all times?

But we need a decision
For our chain of command is broken
It has stopped all our executions
Stopped the greatest of the great men

What will it take
To make this huge army operational?
Oh my friend,
For they are standing, only standing at thy disposal

Time is limited,
She should not be blamed
There are thousands who die everyday
And ten of thousands to replace them

But without a goal
Does it have a meaning?
How can we all live
A life worthy of just being?

Life began as a journey
A war fought by many
yet won by one
The only chosen companion

He joined she
And she carried me
9 months passed
When the light of world would enlighten me

So many wars we fought
In vein you say?
Just to sit here
Just to say “I’m depressed?”

I thought we were soldiers
I thought we were better men
The 100 000 billion cells
Of human

I say its time, my fellow comrades
Brothers and sisters in arms
To choose to fight
Rather than just sit and die

Do what you have to do
For the time flows by
The wars will come and go
Yet when they put you down

Remember me, oh my friend, remember to stay alive.


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