Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, As you know, God has given me a Job, a Job to prepare the way for the Lord, by bringing fathers back to their children and children to their fathers binding them by the power of the love of Jesus Christ, who is PURE LOVE.

Luke 1.17.jpg

So I am giving away all my poems songs and everything that I had here, it was copyrighted before, but now I remove the copyright, you can use it for freebut I do have a request, if you can, know about Jesus Christ, not for me, but if you come to him, all your impossibilities, your imperfections will be fulfilled, completed, made possible and you will be perfect. 


So in short this means I am giving away my life, because this was my life before I met Jesus Christ, but now I have him, I’m complete. So I’m giving them to you, so that you can use them freely. I am giving them because of the brotherly love that exists between us. 


6023098243_823921f4da_b (1).jpg

And this is God’s blog, in my hands, if you want to know him more, through His Stories, in my life, you know where to find  –



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