Cloud 53 (1)

Hey there, I’m Sam
The author & steward of this blog
I co-founded the band
As a Song-smith to our songs

I consider myself lucky
To write few, very things
For they come to me
And only in my ears, do they ring

I term myself
As a Magician of some sort
The one that creates Magic
With his own little Words

SevenΒ things about me
Won’t hurt your feelings
One that, I’m a student of commerce
Far away from literature and it ceilings

Two, that I love to write
For the words would suddenly hit me
Like they are hidden within me
Trying to come outside

Three, that I am a part of a musical ensemble
That sings every Sunday
At the Eucharistic celebration
Called “The Apostles”

Four that, I’m self-learning how to play
Harmonica, Guitar & Keyboard
For I believe that there is something in Music
That helps me to write

Five, I would say I’m very much “me” type
The one that is rare
For I love to stay original
Rather than fake my life

Six would be, that I’m a citizen of two Worlds
Since, Β I think my birth
The one that is mortal
And the one where I’m immortal

Seven that, when I feel pain
I feel like I’m in heaven
For then with my blood
Flows my words through my veins

I become insane
Insane to write something
That urge of writing
Suddenly grips me

Lastly, This blog is my Stage
And my performance runs everyday
For when my poems stops coming
Know that I’m dead

20 thoughts on “Who?

  1. Dear Sam,
    Thanks for stopover and liking my work, and because of such nice gesture I got to know that there is such nice and beautiful blog like yours are available.
    Keep blogging and keep enriching blogger community by your unique ideas.

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  2. Hey Sam!!! thanks a ton for the follow, cause i wouldn’t have found a wonderful blog like urs.!! The seven facts about you was very very well written specially this one being my fav “I would say I’m very much β€œme” type The one that is rare For I love to stay original Rather than fake my life” . Gonna come back for sure to read more of ur interesting write ups. πŸ™‚ Happy blogging friend πŸ™‚
    Cheers! Sneha

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  4. Thank you so much mate! @Itsgoodtobecrazysometimes , I’m so sorry, this comment went into my spam box somehow, so there was this delay in replying.
    Have a lovely day ahead.


  5. Hi Sam…it’s nice to meet you. I enjoyed how you described yourself in verse. That is very unique and original. I am wondering…do you have any recordings or videos of your band playing? I would like to listen to see what the “Starlit Octave Band” sounds like! I will look at your blog page tomorrow to see if something is there.

    Thank you for following me and enjoy the rest of your week! πŸ™‚

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