Cloud 50

Hello Everyone, welcome to my humble show
As all of you know
That I’m a Word-Magician,the one of its kind
For I invented this job, to get live

This stage was formed years ago, for showcasing the lyrics
Of the songs that the band sung
So that people frantically, would not have to run
To other places, just to sing them along

As the time passed by
The members became busy,
In their own pretty life
And happened to “just leave”

In that grieve, their song-smith
Now tries to write this blog
To showcase the true magic
Which his words, can show the world

Maybe he’s not that great
Maybe he is
But after all,
Who am I, to say all these

Now he tries to write his life
From the bottom of his heart
This blog is his sky,
Where he adds new stars

His words can be sharp
But are very true
For they are written
With love,joy & melancholy hues

Okay let me define,
What you can expect from this blog
One poems, two writing
Three songs, sung with love

So here is the deal
What you can do
Just to make me smile,
Hit the share & follow button, if my magic, you like

I would be grateful to you
For “you” doing this,
For your inspiration
Will help me to craft my best magic

Someday I do hope
To form again this band
From the ruins of stone,
Where it now, stands

People ask me
What I’m good at? And what I’m gonna do in life?
I tell them,my friend, I’m good for nothing
Except, that fact that, I love to write

This blog is my heaven
It’s my own paradise
The words of My Life,
Created it, with Love, Magic & Delight


10 thoughts on “Why?

  1. I love the Word magician title, I have been a collector of words for over 50 years…recently I had a stroke, I did not know who I was affected, but when the speech therapist came to visit and said that the part of the brain that was affected was part of my creative cells, my word space..My daughter came to my side and said” Oh Mom, I know that hurts, you are such a”wordy”, but because I have so many stored up, I had replacements for those that I lost.. and I have since recovered most of those temporarily lost to me. I enjoy reading your work..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your kind words cfbowling, I’m so sorry to hear about your medical conditions. I hope you get well soon, and take care of your self, okay mate! Keep on writing!


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