Legacy of the Band

Welcome to the official Lyrics Portal of our Band.

Well this exactly is not a Band it’s a group of friends to make their dream to come true, the dream to take part in the unique process of creation in such a way that it will definitely touch YOUR heart, because we don’t create music or songs we create the Octaves of Life. It’s not our profession , it’s like that we take part in this mystery called Creation that  our songs always finds its way to be YOUR Best friend , YOUR Last Hope , YOUR Courage , and sometimes  YOUR Sole Lover . The name of our Band suggests that Sun in the morning and Moon in the night symbolizes YOUR normal way of LIFE. But common the rest part, when there’s no Sun no Moon, and no One in YOUR precious LIFE, when YOU feel EMPTY, when you feel you are Left Out or even when you’re so excited that you just don’t know what to do. That phase, that part of life is the Night sky without any Direction. That very Intimate Moment of YOUR Life we want to be with YOU, because YOU are very special for us. That Time, the Night sky is only lit by the dim lights of the multiple stars, like our creations, our songs ringing in YOUR ears. Maybe you won’t like our creations, but there is no harm in giving it a try. Generally our genre is Pop/Soft/Romantic/Melody with a blend of Acoustic Rock and bit of Electric. So here we are  the ★s of tonight in your darkness to give you light ,

Sampad Xavier Chaudhuri (Samc95xc) – Lead Vocals + Lyrics + Harmonica + Keyboard

He is the most crazy person you can ever meet in your life, but trust me when I say he’s a true magician with words.

Rohit Gupta – Lead Guitar

       He is the best Guitarist the band has ever seen. He can play literally anything in Guitar.

Kishore Mondale – Rhythm Guitar

       He’s very persistent and would keep on doing it until we get it perfect. Thanks to his effort that band was        able to perform its first song.

Rahul Jaiswal – Observer

       He is the second ear in our band , he who keeps us in track and makes us believe that we can do more            than what we are made up off.

Heemanish Midde – Graphics & Marketing

       Well he is pretty much creative, he designed the logo and other cool stuffs, isn’t he amazing?

Pearl Midde – Lyrics +  Vocals (Inactive)

Candice D’Souza – Lyrics +  Vocals (Inactive)

Swastik Chhilwar – Photography (Inactive)

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