Give me your reaction about my blog
And right on this page those memories will I log
All of them one by one 
For I believe Your Voice, for me is very important
Very Nice Sam....keep up the good work... Love you - Heemanshu
Most of all, I love that we are brother and sister in Christ. Spread the Word! - Sherrey Meyer
Something happy :) Add some joyful words to the world - Melinda Kucsera
Nice work. - The Missing Link
Great editing, like it! - calmkate
Very cool! - notgoingout11
Great blog!! - Annna
Your widgets are really pretty. Loved your “About the Blog” page /poem. - thediybistro
I like the font used for Starlight - Doug Warren
I love your poetry. It makes me feel the ideas more than simple prose. I can't think of any ideas for you to write on right now except to continue putting out there what fills your soul.- Ox-Cart Man
I enjoy music a lot. I watch youtube videos constantly and I have found a very interactive “community” within the music boards that I have browsed. I really like the name Starlit Octave first off. That is really catchy and the band’s info can be found HERE! I also found a video of one of their songs which you can visit HERE! There seems to be a lot going on with this blog and not all of it is just music. Many posts contain poetic writing and song verse that is fun to read! This is a fun blog to browse! - aopinionatedman (Read about it here -